Isaac’s Thoughts on the Great and Abominable Church

18 08 2010

My conversation with Isaac while driving past a large Baptist church with a white spire:

Isaac: Is that a temple?

Me: No, that’s a church, but it’s a different kind of church than the one we go to.

Isaac: Dad, I know that’s not a bad church.

Me: Oh, really?  How do you know that?

Isaac: Because there are only two kinds of churches, and one is the church of the Devil.

Me: Oh, did you learn about that from the Book of Mormon?

Isaac: No, I don’t know how to read.

Me: Well, we read to you from the Book of Mormon, and you learn about it at Church.  Is that where you learned about the two different kinds of churches?

Isaac: No, I just figured it out.


Reunion Schedule

22 05 2010

Hey everyone!  We are down to less than two weeks until the family reunion!  Here is a schedule of activities for the reunion.  We also need to decide who wants to cook on which nights.  So start claiming your evening to cook in the comments here. 

Thursday June 3rd:  Everyone will arrive, except Cory who will come later.  Remember that this day is also Mom and Dad’s anniversary. 

Friday June 4th:  National Zoo during the day, Capt. Billy’s restaurant for dinner – we will each be paying for our own family.  Prices for meals range anywhere from about 5 dollars to $40 – depends on what you get.  For you non seafood lovers, they have incredible chicken fingers and hush puppies.

Saturday June 5th:  Mom and Dad will be at the Stake center most of the day.  We will go in shifts to help serve either lunch or dinner to everyone there, including Elder Holland.  We will set up an inflatable pool for the kids, and have water balloons or something like that to keep us entertained.  Amie – can you come up with an idea for some kind of craft the kids could work on for Dad for Father’s Day?  Dad – pretend you can’t read this part!  One family will be responsible for dinner this night.

Sunday June 6th:  Stake Conference in the morning.  In the afternoon we will have a BBQ (Melissa and Ramon will do dinner this evening) and take a walk to Pages Swamp for a group picture at the sign.

Monday June 7th:  This will be a day to go in to DC and have a chance to see some of your favorite sites.  We can split up however we want to this day so that everyone can see what they want to.  One family will be in charge of dinner, and we will have a Family Home Evening after dinner.  Those assignments will come later.

Tuesday June 8th:  We will take a walk down Memory Lane – go for a walk around Hampshire lake, and drive by all the old houses.  We can also go by Westlake High and any other spots that you would like to see one last time, or show to the newer members of our family.  This will be more of a down day.  Cory will do his meal this day.  We will end the day going to a Maryland Blue Crabs baseball game.  I think we will just do the lawn seating – kids 5 and under are free, and tickets for everyone else are $6 I believe. There is also a huge play area that the kids would enjoy – it costs extra, but I couldn’t find the price online.

Wednesday, June 9th:  We will head to the beach this day – We are just going to do a beach in Calvert County, so that we don’t have to travel so far.  Not as cool as wild horses, but much better for those people who would have little kids in the car! : )  One family will be in charge of dinner this night, and we will just spent some quality time together in the evening.

Thursday June 10th:  Everyone flies home.

I hope this sounds okay to everyone.  If you have any concerns, please let me know.  Also, let me know which days you want to do the cooking.  Mom will be getting us a list of items they already have in the freezer that she would like to use up, so lets try and use what we can.  We can’t wait to see everyone!!!

New Blog

26 04 2010

Hey guys Elise just created a blog for our new family. Check it out at

Zach’s Mustache Rootbeer BBQ!

26 04 2010

Hey everyone!  We did this for my birthday back in March it was alot of fun! I pulled a fast one on Elise about 2 weeks before my birthday and gave out invitations to my birthday party, calling it a BBQ so i would get a new grill for my birthday:) It worked!  Elise got me the coolest grill every that does everything you would want your grill to do.  It was very kind of her to get that grill for me:) So we spent some time finding as many different kinds of rootbeer as we could, (about 7 different kinds) and that was alot of fun!  The bottles in the pictures are all kosher:)  Anyways we grilled up some burgers and hotdogs and some bratwurst.  The food was great and the party was fun and it turned out even better when we pulled out the mustaches that we won from the nicklecade earlier.  Everyone put the mustaches on and we had a pretty fun time with that.  I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!  Elise will be posting some stuff a little later about our trip to Disneyland and our new garden!  Stay tuned!

Personal Prayers

26 04 2010

The other night Isaac was saying his personal prayer and it went kind of like this:

Isaac: ” Please bless Mom that she can make good food so we can eat it all gone.”

I guess my chicken pot pie was not a hit with my little vegetarian.

Nathaniel turns 1!

11 04 2010

Happy Birthday, Natty!

Nathaniel has officially survived his first year of life (barely).  We had a simple but fun birthday celebration with him Thursday evening which he loved.  He’s the caboose of the month-long birthday party train that rolls through our house during the Spring, with Isaac on March 5th, Amie and Aubrey on April 3rd, and Nathaniel on the 8th.  With so much exposure to birthday celebrations in the weeks and days leading up to his own birthday, Nathaniel seemed to have a better sense of what was going on than Aubrey and Isaac did on their first birthdays, and he really seemed to enjoy himself, as you can see after the jump.  Happy Birthday, Natty!. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Family Blog!!!

6 04 2010

Hey guys, the recipe blog seems to be getting a good response from everyone in the family so i thought i would finally take my role as the family webmaster seriously and create our family blog!  Its pretty simple right now but that will be nice for now:) There is a link up at the top of the page that we will use for Reunion info and topics.  The main page can be used for regular ‘ol fun posts and pictures.  Hope everyone likes it!!